Mischabelle AOC Valais

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The Mischabelle selection is pressed from the Pinot Noir and Gamaret grape varieties which ripen on the vine terraces of Visperterminen.

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Normal Price: 75cl. CHF 22.40
Normal Price: 50cl. CHF 16.50

  • Grape varieties
    Pinot Noir, Gamaret
  • Storage and peak of maturity
    3 to 5 years
  • Serving temperature
    14 to 16 degrees


Perfect pairings
An allrounder for all manner of dishes such as barbecued and roasted meats, entrecôte, steak tartare, Fondue Chinoise, ragout, meat stew, game, saltwater fish and speciality cheeses.

Tasting notes
A stunning deep crimson colour. Its rich, fruity aromatic palette reflects the Pinot Noir and Gamaret grapes at its core. It is bold and full-bodied on the palate, taking its velvety softness from the Pinot Noir and its complex, tannin-rich structure, or backbone, from the Gamaret. The process of ageing in wooden barrels makes it long-lasting and it develops a complexity and pleasant finesse as it continues to age in the bottle.

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Opening hours

Monday bis Friday09:00 bis 12:00
13:30 bis 17:30

Saturday09:00 bis 16:00
Unterstalden 2
3932 Visperterminen
Tel. +41 27 948 43 48


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