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The winery with the Heida

Successful thanks to our principles of partnership and cooperation

In 1980, 120 members of a cooperative were able to deliver their grapes to the newly built St. Jodern Kellerei for the very first time. Since that day, over 500 members of the cooperative have helped us to produce about 300,000 litres of wine a year, which we decant into around 400,000 bottles in our wine cellar. Passion, wine as a philosophy of life and our desire to achieve supreme quality are the three components that drive our day-to-day work. Our success can also be put down to the healthy and diverse nature of our region, which allows the grapes to thrive in the vineyards of Visperterminen up to an altitude of 1,150 metres above sea level.

The wine terraces

Wine is the most precious natural resource our region has to offer. In order for the steep slopes of the Heidadorf to be cultivated, retaining walls were built centuries ago. You will understand the artistry of this traditional craft from up here and the stunning wine terraces have always paid homage to their master craftsmen.

The tradition

At St. Jodern Kellerei, traditions are held in high regard because we view them as a commitment of sorts. Of course, innovation is also paramount – and forms the cornerstone for the creation of modern, high-quality premium wines, such as those that have been produced by St. Jodern Kellerei for many years now. Innovation born out of tradition - this is one of the recipes for success at Europe's highest vineyard.

Deko Blatt

The passion

A top location, knowledge of winemaking and a commitment to excellence are one thing. But what would all this be without the passion which each individual winemaker shows as they spend hours on end putting in hard graft at the vineyard? This passion is ultimately the secret behind our top products.

The Heidadorf

Nature has blessed Visperterminen with a mild climate. And its inhabitants, known as "Terbiner", have always known how to take full advantage of the sun and the unique location of their village. So, it is no coincidence that this exceptional group of people who live at the head of the Visper valley are seen as strong, unique and full of character - just like their wine.

From steep and high elevations

Our Heida

Heida is the grape variety that is grown at Europe's highest vineyard, with notes of flavour that are second to none. Heida Veritas is produced according to a unique and almost forgotten tradition. The connoisseur is in for an unforgettable taste sensation.

Heida AOC Valais Visperterminen

The Heida, also called Savagnin blanc, is known as the pearl of the Alpine wines. This gem, which is exclusively planted in the vineyards of Visperterminen, is the pride of the region's winegrowers.


Heida Barrique AOC Valais

The Heida, also called Savagnin blanc, is known as the pearl of the Alpine wines. Aged in oak and acacia wood barrels, shows itself elegantly with a perfect structure (tannins, acidity, aromas). 


Heida Veritas AOC Valais Visperterminen 2019

The Heida Veritas is one thing above all else: unique.