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Your event, a pleasurable experience

We will work with our partners to organise your event and put together a selection of delectable delicacies of your choosing:

  • Raclette à Discrétion (min. 12 pers. - max. 20 pers.)
  • Tärbiner Apéro (min. 20 pers. - max. 50 pers.)
  • Apéro Riche (min. 20 pers. - max. 50 pers.)
  • Fondue Chinoise (min. 20 pers. - max. 30 pers.)
  • Fly Buffet (min. 20 pers. - max. 50 pers.)

Event opening hours: Monday to Friday until 11:00 PM, Saturday until 4:00 PM, closed on Sunday.

We will provide you with an expert, personal contact who will support and guide you through the organisation process and provide advice.

We look forward to receiving your personal request.

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