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The Rèze is an ancient indigenous plant that has now become a bit of a rarity. It is considered a par excellence high-Alpine grape variety. Around 1920, almost all plants in Valais fell victim to the American phylloxera pest which means that this scarcely produced grape variety can now be found in just a handful of plots. Today, only 1.5 hectares of this variety are cultivated in Valais.

  • Grape varieties
    Rèze / Resi
  • Storage and peak of maturity
    1 to 3 years
  • Serving temperature
    7 to 10 degrees


Perfect pairings
The Rèze is the ideal accompaniment to speciality cheeses such as Hobelkäse, raclette and fondue and goes well with rustic dishes such as dried meats, brisolée, polenta gratin or freshwater fish.

Tasting notes
Light citrus yellow colour and a rich zesty aroma. Smooth on the palate with a pleasant acidity. A wine of the old guard with an aromatic, sharp punch and a distinctive aroma.

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