Diavoletto AOC Valais

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Named after the little devil who, legend has it, carried the holy St. Jodern in a bell to Rome and back to the Rhône Valley.

A vivacious red wine which blends the bold Gamay and the aromatic Gamaret, refined in small wooden barrels.

  • Grape varieties
    Gamay and Gamaret - Aged in oak barrels 
  • Storage and peak of maturity
    3 to 6 years
  • Serving temperature
    16 to 18 degrees


Perfect pairings
As a mature wine, this is the ideal companion during the game season. It also goes excellently with hearty meat dishes with rich sauces, lamb chops, duck, rabbit or warm sheep and goats' cheese.

Tasting notes
An intense, deep colour. Its aroma is proof of its noble ageing in wooden barrels. Cinnamon and plum tones delight the nose and palate. The extremely smooth tannins lend this wine a sense of refinement and potency. It leaves you with a distinct taste of cloves and a hint of vanilla.

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