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Advent calendar 2022

A gift every day during Advent! 

Follow us on  Facebook / Instagram and visit our winery!

A gift every day during Advent! 

Follow us on  Facebook / Instagram and visit our winery!

Teilnahmebedingungen (German)

St. Jodern Kellerei

A success story

For high quality wines from Valais.

For hand-picked, characteristic and full-bodied wines.

For the famous Heida.

Deko Blatt

Wine tasting with a twist

Discover our range of wines and the unique history of the Heida grape. Let yourself be inspired by the sheer variety that our range has to offer and explore the secrets of our beautiful vineyard.

Turn your event into a special occasion

Exciting offers for team events, club or staff outings, seminars, birthdays, stag parties or to simply spend some time with friends.


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