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Legend has it that St. Jodern, bishop of Sion and patron saint of Valais winemakers, was carried in a bell ("campana" in Italian) by the devil to Rome and back to the Rhône valley. A fruity, aromatic red wine pressed from local Gamay grapes.

  • Grape varieties
  • Storage and peak of maturity
    2 to 3 years
  • Serving temperature
    16 to 18 degrees
  • Alcohol content
    13-13.5% ABV


Perfect pairings
Goes well with all lighter meats such as poultry and veal. It is also an ideal accompaniment to poached and steamed fish, cold meats, Mediterranean pasta dishes, pizza and mature cheese.

Tasting notes
Ruby red colour with a violet shimmer. An essence of strawberries and raspberries. This wine leaves a strong aftertaste of red fruits on the palate, is smooth, refreshing, long-lasting and poignant with a slightly aromatic note of pink pepper.

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